Thursday, November 04, 2010

Pretty in Pink: Air Purifiers for the Nursery, Baby's Room, or Child's Bedroom

Who says clean air can't coordinate!

This is a picture of AllerAir's pink Air Tube Exec air purifier in my daughter's room. It matches perfectly with our Pottery Barn bedding (Penelope) and provides exceptionally clean air with both a medical-grade HEPA filter for dust and a 7 lb. carbon filter for chemicals and odors!
It also provides a source of soothing white noise to improve baby's sleep! We learned that the hard way when I borrowed the air cleaner for my bedroom during the fall allergy surge. My daughter immediately began waking several times during the night. Once we replaced the air purifier she was back to her old self!
The pink Air Tube Exec air purifier is only available for a limited time and is also available in blue.
For more information chat live with an Air Quality Expert (link below) or call 1-888-852-8247 for a dealer near you.
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